8 Tips To Stay Positive During Difficult Times

Life is very unpredictable. One moment you’re having one of the best days of your life, and the next you’re having the worst. No matter how much you shield yourself from the negativity around you, there will be one hurdle that can ultimately break your walls down. What’s the best way to move forward when you find yourself at this low point?

A lot of people will say that having a positive outlook can get you places. While this can sound cliche, it has been studied over and over again how a positive mindset can change the course of your life. It’s during these tough moments that maintaining a positive outlook becomes crucial. Staying positive doesn’t mean ignoring the bad; it means facing the trials with hope and resilience.

In this article, we will explore practical tips and simple strategies to help you keep your spirits high, even when the going gets tough. Whether you’re dealing with personal setbacks, professional hurdles, or just feeling a bit low, these tips will guide you toward a more positive mindset. Remember, positivity is a powerful tool that can help you navigate life’s unpredictable journey with strength and grace.



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Tip 1: One step at a time

Things are already hard as it is, so every step you take is crucial in successfully navigating the challenges. Grab your planner and start to envision the kind of day you want to have. Break down your tasks into manageable pieces and simply take one step at a time.

Start with something simple that you can easily tick off and build momentum from there. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture; small, consistent efforts add up over time and make a big difference. By focusing on achievable goals, you can maintain a sense of accomplishment and progress, even during tough times.


Tip 2: Take care of yourself

stay positive with self careWhen things are rough, it’s almost too easy to abandon any self-care activities. Your mind gets too preoccupied, and you’re feeling overwhelmed 24/7. While you’re not expected to be at your one hundred percent, it’s important to take care of yourself during these tough times.

You may simply start by eating well and not skipping any meals. Food gives you sustenance and energy, helping you cope better with stress. Also, ensure that you get enough sleep and engage in light physical activities, like walking or stretching.

Simple movements like these can take your mind off things and provide the clarity you might need. Remember, taking small steps to care for yourself can make a significant difference in navigating difficult situations.


Tip 3: Engage in positive self-talk

Believe it or not, the way you view and talk to yourself can also define how the world perceives you. The energy that you give out is also the energy that you receive. Admittedly, it’s hard to rewire your brain and focus on the positive when you’re dealing with problems.

However, practicing positive self-talk can gradually shift your mindset. Remind yourself of your strengths and past successes. This doesn’t mean ignoring your difficulties, but rather, approaching them with a hopeful and resilient attitude. Always practice being kind, not only to others but also to yourself. This practice greatly helps in uplifting your spirit and those around you. After all, kindness goes a long way.


Tip 4: Practice mindfulness and meditation

stay positive through mindfulness and meditationAside from incorporating positive self-talk, you should also look into having some silent time with yourself, through mindfulness and meditation. Though very simple, these practices can have an immediate effect on your day.

Taking a few moments to breathe deeply and clear your mind can reduce stress and increase emotional stability. Over time, these moments of silence can help you cultivate a more peaceful and centered mindset.

“The core teaching of mindfulness involves noticing the present moment, including the emotions you are experiencing in the moment, without judgment. To ease yourself into being more mindful, notice when you are having judgmental thoughts and let them go—don’t feed into them.” (Serenity Now: Everything You Need To Know About Mindfulness, 2016)


Tip 5: Stay connected

There are some battles that you definitely shouldn’t fight alone, so having the right support system is also vital in achieving a greater sense of resilience. When you’re going through a rough patch, take the time to reach out to your friends and be in their company.

Support doesn’t always mean giving advice or helping you solve your problems; it can also mean simply being there for you, holding your hand when you cry, and providing a shoulder to lean on. Surrounding yourself with understanding and compassionate people can make a significant difference in how you cope with hardships, reminding you that you are not alone in your struggles.


Tip 6: Limit the negative influences

Part of protecting your peace is limiting the negativity you consume. Nowadays, it’s easy to get affected by the things you see on social media. Even if you’re just mindlessly scrolling, being exposed to different platforms can also drain your energy.

This also applies to the people around you. Surround yourself with positive influences and distance yourself from those who bring negativity into your life. Be mindful of the content you consume and the conversations you engage in, ensuring they contribute to your well-being rather than detract from it. By being selective about who and what you allow into your mental space, you can maintain a more positive mindset.


Tip 7: Do activities you enjoy

positive hobbiesAn exciting way to help you get through difficult times is by discovering new hobbies. Not only are these good distractions, but they also aid in boosting your mood. Being in another space allows you to shift your focus and attention to the present.

This change of pace can be refreshing and invigorating, providing a break from stress and worries. In return, you give yourself time to process negative feelings and interpret them with a fresher perspective.

Whether it’s picking up a new craft, learning to cook a different cuisine, or exploring a new fitness routine, immersing yourself in a hobby can bring joy and a sense of accomplishment.


Tip 8: Reach out to professionals

Don’t be afraid to seek professional help when needed. These people are trained to handle difficult situations and guide you through them. Considering an informed opinion won’t hurt anyone and can provide valuable insights and strategies for coping.

Therapists, counselors, and other mental health professionals are there to support you and help you navigate your challenges. Even having a life coach on your side can help you to maintain a positive mindset to keep pushing through towards reaching your dreams. Seeking their help is a sign of strength and a proactive step towards better mental health.


Staying Positive

positive mindsetStaying positive amid adversity can be challenging, but also possible with the right approach. Overcoming these challenges can lead to personal growth and a stronger mindset.

The steps you take, though seemingly small, can shape your character in significant ways. Life won’t be as fulfilling without the sticks and stones. In the long run, if you want to become a better person, you must learn to become a better version of yourself through every challenge you face.



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