10 Simple Ways to Get Grounded in Tumultuous Times

Simple Ways to Get Grounded in Tumultuous Times

Life can be a rollercoaster of highs and lows, and in the midst of uncertainty and chaos, finding ways to ground ourselves becomes crucial. Whether you are navigating personal challenges, work-related stress, or the general turbulence of the world with economic woes, pandemics on the horizon and wars continually breaking out – cultivating a sense […]

Breathwork: Learn the Techniques & Experience the Benefits

Breathwork - Learn the Techniques and Experience the Benefits

Breathwork is quickly establishing itself in Western culture alongside yoga and meditation, and for good reason. With a long list of benefits, including stress reduction and improved physical health and stamina, breathwork is making its way into (and changing) people’s lives every day. But what is breathwork and how do you practice it? Let’s dive […]