Delving Into the Essence of Ho’oponopono

The Essence of Ho'oponopono

In the journey of personal development and spiritual growth, one particular practice of forgiveness and healing which originates from Hawaii has gained significant attention for its transformative potential – Ho’oponopono. This practice, loosely translated as “To correct the errors” or “To set things right,” provides a powerful methodology for releasing memories that manifest as problems […]

Healing the Invisible Wounds: How Past Trauma Affects Your Health & Wellbeing

Healing the Invisible Wounds How Past Trauma Affects Your Health & Wellbeing

“The body keeps the score.” – These words by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk echo loudly in the world of psychology and wellness, as they highlight a fundamental question: “How does past trauma impact my physical health and well-being?” They remind us that the pain of our past is not only etched in our memories […]