Tapping into Calm An Introduction to EFT for Stress Relief

In the hustle and bustle of our modern lives, it’s no surprise that stress, anxiety, and overwhelm often knock on our door uninvited. But what if I told you there’s a simple, yet powerful technique that can help you kick these unwanted guests to the curb?

Enter Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping, a method that’s gaining popularity for its ability to alleviate anxiety, panic, and stress.

In this article, we’ll take a friendly stroll through the basics of EFT for stress relief, explore its roots, and equip you with a practical guide to get started.


A Brief History of EFT

Imagine combining ancient Chinese acupressure with modern psychology—this is essentially the foundation of EFT. Developed in the 1990s by Gary Craig, a Stanford engineer, EFT draws from the principles of acupuncture and combines them with verbalizing emotional issues.

The underlying idea is that disruptions in the body’s energy system can contribute to emotional distress and, conversely, addressing these disruptions can restore harmony especially when using EFT for stress relief.

I’ve been using EFT for stress relief and other topics for about 15 years now. Here is a special shout out to some great EFT practitioners that have been instrumental in helping me in my own life through their online tapping videos.. I highly recommend: Brad Yates and Marguerita Vorobioff.


How Does EFT Work?

Without diving too deep into the technicalities, let’s keep it simple. EFT works on the premise that tapping on specific meridian points on the body can unblock stagnant energy and ease emotional distress.

The body has an energy system, and disruptions in this system can manifest as negative emotions. By tapping, we’re essentially sending signals to the brain to relax and reset.

Think of it like hitting the reset button on your body’s stress response. EFT for stress relief is the perfect combination of physical touch and focused attention to bring about a sense of calm and balance.


Unlocking the Body: Understanding Somatic Principles and EFT

Our bodies are like archives, storing the memories of our experiences, both positive and negative. Somatic principles tell us that these experiences, especially traumatic ones, can become lodged in the body, influencing our emotions, behaviors, and overall well-being. Over the course of our lives, we accumulate not just memories but also limiting programming that can hold us back from reaching our full potential.

Enter Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), a powerful somatic bodywork technique designed to unravel the knots of stored trauma and release the grip of limiting programming. EFT operates on the understanding that disruptions in our body’s energy system, often a result of unresolved emotions, can lead to physical and emotional distress. The tapping points used in EFT correspond to key meridian points in the body, facilitating the release of trapped energy and promoting a sense of balance.


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One of the remarkable aspects of EFT for stress relief is its ability to address not just the surface-level symptoms of stress and anxiety but also the deeper, somatic imprints left by past experiences. By tapping on specific points while verbalizing our emotions, we engage in a process that goes beyond mere talk therapy, directly addressing the body’s somatic responses to stressors.

EFT, in essence, becomes a dynamic tool for rewiring the negative programming stored in the body. As we tap and release the energy associated with past traumas, we create space for a more positive and balanced flow in our lives. It’s like hitting the reset button on our somatic hard drive, allowing us to free ourselves from the constraints of the past and welcome in a more harmonious and fulfilling existence.


The Basic EFT Protocol

Now, let’s get practical. The EFT protocol involves a series of tapping on specific points while verbalizing your feelings. Here’s a simplified version to get you started:

EFT Tapping Chart1. Setup Statement (Karate Chop Point): Tap on the side of your hand (the karate chop point) while saying a setup statement. This includes acknowledging the issue and accepting yourself despite it. For example: “Even though I feel (insert feeling), I deeply and completely accept myself.”

2. Tapping Sequence (7 Points): Tap about 7 times on each of these points while stating the issue:


3. Reminder Phrase: Continue tapping, using a reminder phrase that summarizes the issue. For example: “This stress.”

4. Reassessment: Take a deep breath and reassess how you feel. If necessary, repeat the process.


Example Tapping Round: EFT for Stress Relief

  1. Setup Statement: “Even though I feel this tightness in my chest because of anxiety and stress, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”
  2. Tapping Sequence: Tap on each point while saying, “All this stress.”
  3. Repeat: It is advised to repeat the entire sequence approximately 10 times.
  4. Reassessment: Take a deep breath and rate your anxiety level from 0 to 10. If needed, repeat the process again until you are feeling your stress levels come down to 2 out of 10.


Let’s dive a bit deeper into the example tapping round for anxiety relief and explore the creative freedom that EFT offers. While the initial tapping round provides a structured approach with a specific reminder phrase like “This anxiety,” it’s important to recognize that EFT is a versatile technique.

As you become more familiar with the process, feel free to get creative and express your feelings in a way that resonates with you. Your reminder phrase can evolve to capture different aspects of your anxiety, and you can even mix it up during subsequent tapping rounds.

This flexibility allows you to tailor the practice to your unique experiences and emotions, making the process more personal and effective. So, whether you want to delve into specific thoughts triggering anxiety or simply describe how it feels in the moment, let your words flow as you tap, and observe the shifts in your life.


Further Benefits of EFT

EFT is not just for anxiety; its benefits extend to various areas of life. People have reported success in using EFT to address:


Tapping Anytime, Anywhere: Making EFT Work for You

tapping eft for stress reliefOne of the incredible aspects of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is its accessibility. Unlike some stress relief methods that require specific settings or tools, tapping can be done virtually anywhere and at any time.

You can easily incorporate it into your daily routine, whether you’re at home, work or on the go.

While generic tapping videos available online can be really helpful, the true power of EFT lies in its ability to be tailored to your specific issues.

When you follow along with a generic tapping video, it offers a general approach to common issues. However, for maximum effectiveness, it’s highly recommended to personalize your tapping rounds to address the unique root causes of your concerns.

This is where the assistance of a life coach specializing in EFT can be invaluable. A life coach can guide you through a more personalized tapping experience, helping you uncover the deeper layers of your emotions and work towards releasing them. While tapping on your own is beneficial, working with a life coach adds a layer of expertise and support.

They can help you identify patterns, unearth hidden triggers, and guide you in crafting tapping rounds that specifically target the issues holding you back. This personalized approach often leads to more profound and lasting results, making the journey to emotional freedom a collaborative and empowering experience.

So, whether you choose to tap on your own using online resources or decide to enlist the guidance of a life coach, the key is to make EFT work for you. The adaptability and effectiveness of tapping make it a versatile tool on your journey to managing stress, anxiety, and other emotional challenges.


Get Tapping!

emotional freedom - eft for stress reliefIn the realm of self-help and somatic bodywork techniques, EFT stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness. Whether you’re dealing with specific traumas or simply seeking to break free from habitual negative thought patterns, EFT offers a holistic approach to emotional freedom by addressing the body’s role in releasing energy.

In the world of techniques, EFT tapping stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness. With a few taps and a willingness to explore your emotions, you might find yourself on a journey to emotional freedom – Give it a tap!

Of course, if you want some in-depth support with uncovering the specific causes to your stress and anxiety along with tailored live tapping sessions, please reach out to me and we can have an Expansion Call together and find out whether we’re a good fit to work together in easing your stress. Happy tapping!



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