The Power of Affirmations

In a world filled with uncertainty and doubts, having something positive to hold onto can make all the difference. We often find ourselves overwhelmed with negativity, struggling to find a way forward.

We tend to forget that there is light at the end of the tunnel, after all. Being equipped with the right mindset allows us to navigate through that dark tunnel a lot easier. That’s when the power of affirmations comes in, serving as the guiding light as we go through life’s toughest times.

Here are some ways you can integrate positive affirmations into your life.


How to Include Affirmations in Your Daily Routine

With the right choice of words, we can redirect our perspective and prioritize what truly matters to us. These empowering phrases are commonly known as affirmations.

Positive affirmations are encouraging statements that challenge our negative way of thinking. Nowadays, it is quite impossible not to doubt yourself even in simple things. The moment you confront these dismissive thoughts and transform them into something optimistic, you give yourself a chance to do and be better.

Shifting your mindset to this perspective might take a while. It’s a learned behavior and requires continuous practice. But all the effort is worthwhile as the simplest change in outlook can already have a significant impact on your life.

There are many ways to kick-start this positive journey of yours. What’s important is you are working towards a goal, and that is having more control in your life.


Identify Areas to Improve

Before finding a solution, it’s also vital to pinpoint the problem accurately. This may be the best time for self-reflection and assessment. Which areas in your life would you like to see some positive changes in? You can come up with a list of things that bother you or cause you additional stress and assess what’s in your control.

In this way, you’ll be able to focus on transforming those challenges into forward-thinking behaviors. You might be surprised at how this simple step can unveil difficulties that you hadn’t recognized as problems before. Having this complete awareness pushes you to be more proactive in improving your life.



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Start a List of Affirmations

Once you’ve gained that self-awareness, it is now time to start on a list of empowering phrases you can incorporate into your daily life. It is vital to choose words that resonate and align with your objectives.

Tchiki Davis, MA, PhD of Berkeley Well-being Institute  provides examples of daily affirmations you can use:


Powerful AffirmationsDavis also highlights that it’s crucial to not only say these affirmations out loud but also in the present tense.

Having to say the positive affirmations out loud can enhance its impact. She mentions that uttering your affirmation aloud allows you to feel the words leaving your mouth and hear them entering your ears, engaging multiple parts of your brain in the process. This approach might be helpful in embedding positive thoughts deep into your consciousness and further amplifying its value.

Additionally, she explains that saying the phrases in present tense pushes you to shift your belief rather than work towards a goal. For example, “I am loved” and “I will be loved” both hold different meanings. The former focuses on the current state while reinforcing a sense of acceptance, while the latter expresses a future possibility, suggesting that it is still something to be attained.


Create a Vision Board

Another complementary tool to strengthen your positive affirmations is the creation of a vision board. This is a visual representation of your goals and aspirations. Basically, you’ll be compiling images, quotes, or anything that resonates with your vision. It enables you to put your manifestations in a more tangible reminder, which can further strengthen your desire to achieve them.

A vision board not only serves as a great motivation, it also helps keep yourself in check – allowing for questions such as “Is this still what I want?” This ongoing evaluation ensures that your goals remain aligned with your evolving aspirations, empowering you to make necessary adjustments along your journey.

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Repeat Daily

As the saying goes, consistency is key. These positive affirmations are actually simple yet significant steps that you can easily incorporate into your life. You can either say it aloud as soon as you wake up or even before you go to bed. For other people, journaling works better. If it’s easier, you may also set an alarm to remind yourself of your daily affirmations.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure to be consistent. Having this regularity trains your brain to familiarize itself with these affirmations, gradually reframing your thought patterns and further reinforcing the beliefs you’re cultivating.


Unleashing the Power of Words

Positive AffirmationsAt the end of the day, words are powerful.  Once spoken, they cannot be undone. They have the potential to leave a lasting impact, shaping perceptions, relationships, and even destinies.

The power of words lies not only in their ability to communicate thoughts and feelings but also in their capacity to influence and inspire. Therefore, it’s essential to choose our words wisely, recognizing the weight they carry and the consequences they may entail.

But there is also the reality that we can’t always control what we say. However, we should still take the time to process every thought that comes to us before we even verbalize it. Every word we utter should come from a place of consideration and mindfulness, for this benefits not only ourselves but also the people around us.



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Paul Jenkin | Life Coach & Somatic Facilitator
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